Tips for Bringing a New Cat Home

From being in a completely new environment to encountering total strangers, a cat or kitten arriving in a new home can be an overwhelming, stressful experience. If you’re thinking of adopting a feline friend, or looking to purchase a cat - it’s important to introduce measures that will make for a seamless transition and keep both you and your new pet as relaxed as possible. Below, we’ve answered our frequently asked questions on how pet owners can help their new cat or kitten transition smoothly, as well as listing a number of top-rated product recommendations to help them feel less stressed as they settle.

How long does it take a cat to adjust to a new home?

Depending on your cat or kittens situation before adoption or buying, the time it will take a cat or kitten to adjust can often vary. According to experts, it may take anywhere from a few hours, up to a week or two for a cat or kitten to settle into a new environment. This might seem like a tedious process, but your cat needs to take this valuable time to get used to brand new smells, surroundings, people, and other animals if you have any.

If you are considering adopting a cat, this time period often differs depending on their special circumstances and personal upbringing. It could take several weeks or even months for a rescue cat or kitten to warm to their new environment, so it’s important to be patient and always have the cat’s best interests at heart.

How do cats react to new homes?

How cats or kittens react to a new home can depend on several factors, including their circumstances before adoption or purchase, so we would recommend freeing up plenty of time to allow them to settle in.

How your cat or kitten adjusts can also depend on the home environment you’re bringing them into. As cats are naturally territorial animals, if you already own a pet - it’s recommended that you keep both animals away from each other before carefully introducing them whilst supervised. Many cat owners often introduce other animals by smells. For example, taking one of your pets blankets or toys and placing it in your cat or kitten’s surroundings is a great way to help your cat familiarise itself with this new smell.

Where should a cat sleep on the first night?

Before the arrival of your new cat or kitten, it’s important to make sure their sleeping arrangements are ready. It can be tiring for a cat to adjust to new surroundings, particularly if they’re a young kitten, so making the effort to create a snug, cosy environment to rest in is definitely a great place to start.

cat-scratching-poleOur Rosewood Bamboo Radiator Cat Bed, complete with a comfortable fur cushion, provides a snug place for a cat to curl up in. It’s also easy to assemble, and will fit on most types of radiators. Be sure to place your cat’s bed in a dry and comfortable area, such as a spare room or living room. It’s no surprise that cats love to be cosy, so there should be no draughts nearby and they should be given blankets to keep them warm and offer a sense of security. For kittens, the blankets will provide them with the warmth of their mother, helping to reassure them in a new, unfamiliar environment.

Tips for bringing home a new cat

Whether you’re bringing home a cat or kitten, ensure you’ve stocked up on essentials beforehand like food, water, a litter tray, a scratching post and a comfy bed. For instance, our high-quality Rosewood Tokyo Anti-Scratch Cat Scratching Post includes toys and our one-of-a-kind anti scratch material, making it a perfect choice. After all, it’s essential that your furry friend has everything they need to adjust to their new home environment.

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Once you have everything you need to prepare for the arrival of your new cat or kitten, we recommend setting up a cosy space in your home so your new pet has a chance to familiarise itself with its sleeping arrangements and toys and can relax comfortably without disruption.

How to help a cat settle into a new home

First things first, here at Direct4Pet we recommend choosing a suitable cat carrier that is both secure, easy to clean and has plenty of ventilation, such as the Rosewood Vision Classic 60cm Pet Carrier.

Experts often advise placing an item of your clothing in the cat carrier. By choosing to place a t-shirt or old jumper in the cat carrier, you’re helping your feline friend familiarise themselves with your scent from the get go. Afterwards, you can place this item of clothing in their bed, or a room they’ll likely spend a lot of time in - as this familiar scent will help to reduce your cats stress levels, enabling them to settle in quicker.

When your cat or kitten arrives home, let them roam and become familiar with the quiet room you’ve set up in preparation for their arrival. If it’s an older cat, leave them to settle in the room for an hour or two. But if you’re bringing a kitten home, don’t leave them by themselves as they often require more attention and supervision. Here at Direct4Pet, we would recommend making the time to stay with your kitten and help them settle in as they adjust to their brand new setting.

When this initial period has passed and your cat or kitten appears to be content, you can then consider introducing them to other rooms and wider household members - as too many household members or spaces can quickly become an overwhelming or stressful experience for a new pet.

Cat calming products

If your new pet seems particularly stressed, here at Direct4Pet, we stock a range of cat stress relief products suitable for both cats and kittens, including our cat calming products, which are trusted by experts and help to make the transition period easier. For instance, our Feliway Optimum Diffuser Pack for Cats contains a new feline pheromone complex, which delivers messages to the cat that enables them to cope better with our modern lifestyles.

Introducing a new kitten to an older cat

This can be a stressful experience for both cats, so it’s imperative pet owners plan ahead. Experts advise that both should be kept separate before you introduce them, so we would recommend letting each cat out of their rooms at different times. Keeping them separate for a couple of days will enable them to get used to each other’s scents before they eventually meet. Experts suggest that when they’re due to meet, pet owners should consider placing the kitten into a cat carrier while the older cat approaches them. Once both seem content, the kitten can be let out of the cage, but you should keep a close eye on both to ensure both are as comfortable as they possibly can be.

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