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  • How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in Your House

    Britain is a nation of dog lovers - in a recent study it has been revealed that approximately 59% of households currently have a dog as a pet, at an estimated sum of 12 million pet dogs across the country. Dogs are a huge part of our lives, and just like the rest of our family members, we love them regardless of their flaws, and one of these flaws that often comes hand in hand with owning a dog is their smell.

  • Tips for Bringing a New Cat Home

    Arriving in a new home for the first time can, understandably, be a stressful time for both cats and kittens. From being in a completely new environment to encountering total strangers, it can all be a bit overwhelming, so it’s important to introduce measures that will enable a seamless transition. Read more at Direct4Pet. 

  • Adopting an Animal or Buying a from a Breeder: Which is better?

    To help you figure out whether adopting an animal or buying from a breeder is the right option for you and your family, we’ve gathered the knowledge of our experts. In this post, you’ll find a detailed list of benefits of pet adoption and buying from a respected breeder, as well as the negatives that are associated with each option.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Bathing Your Dog

    Bathing your dog can be a great time to bond and spend quality time with your furry friend, but knowing how to properly and safely bathe your dog ensures it’s an enjoyable time for them, too. From selecting the right dog grooming products to dealing with canine skin conditions, we cover all aspects of bath time in the ultimate guide to bathing your dog.

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  • Direct 4 Pet Cat Bundle Giveaway!

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  • We are proud to be working in partnership with WestLancs Kickstart Scheme

    We are proud to be working in partnership with West Lancs Council and on their Kickstart Scheme
  • Direct 4 Pet Are Proud To Announce The Launch Of Our New Website!

    We’re excited to announce that Direct 4 Pet will be launching our brand-new Website commencing on the 1st July 2021. Our new website will host a n...
  • Discover the Winalot range!

    Feeding Greatness! Winalot believe dogs are our everyday heroes, whether it's making us laugh, keeping us fit or being our favourite companion, the...
  • The Direct 4 Pet Guide on how best to use our flea sprays

    before spraying your home, read our quick guide on how best to use our range of flea sprays   STEP 1: Prior to spraying, vacuum your home thorough...
  • Direct 4 Pet Advice on how to house train your new puppy!

    It doesn’t get much more exciting than welcoming a new puppy or dog into your family – your new loyal friend is guaranteed to become an integral p...