The Direct4Pet Brand Guide to Henry Wag

As a brand, Henry Wag aims to improve the health and wellbeing of all pets by designing high-quality, innovative products that remove the barriers of outdoor activities and, in turn, helps to create a closer relationship between pets and their owners. Henry Wag’s award-winning products are created specifically to fulfill the everyday needs of pets and their owners, offering everything from dog beds to walking accessories, affordable dog grooming products and their most popular line of products, dog travel accessories.

No matter where you’re travelling to this year, Henry Wag offers the very best pet travel accessories to ensure both you and your pet are equipped for all types of adventures. From Henry Wag car booster seats to keep your pet safe and strapped in for the journey to dog drying coats and protective car seat covers for those extra-muddy walks, find everything you need for long car journeys with your furry companion in our Henry Wag collection.

Read on to discover our guide to the best products for your pup available to buy from Henry Wag here at Direct4Pet. 

Henry Wag Car Travel Accessories

As many pet owners may be familiar with, travelling with your pet can be difficult if you’re not properly equipped for the journey. An essential step to ensuring travelling with your dog runs as smoothly as possible, is to make sure that your car is prepped and ready for all the needs of your companion. Whether your pup prefers to ride in the back seats or relax in the boot, ensuring you’ve got the right car travel accessories for your pet is key to a successful journey and that’s where Henry Wag is here to help.

Henry Wag’s Pet Car Hammock is the perfect solution for dogs who always seem to slip and slide around in the back seat and fall down into the footwell. This hammock easily attaches to the front and rear seat headrests to create a comfortable spot for your pup to relax and offers access slots to secure your pet’s harness to the seat belt buckles for a safe ride. Doubling up as a hammock but also a car seat protector and featuring handy storage pockets for any essential snacks or travel accessories, this car hammock for pets is perfect for long car journeys to ensure your dog is comfortable and your car is kept clean.

Henry Wag Pet Dog Car Hammock Cover £28.19 and Henry Wag Pet Dog Car Travel Booster Seat £35.99 

If your pup finds travelling in the car stressful, then the Henry Wag Booster Seat is the product for you. The booster seat allows your dog to get an elevated view of not only you in the car, but also out of the window for a calmer and more enjoyable car ride. Suitable for smaller dogs up to 8kg and easily collapsible for efficient storage, this dog booster seat securely fits around the headrest and seat with an option to tether your dog’s harness for a safe and secure riding position. Featuring a padded base with the choice of removable fleece lining for winter journeys and a mesh panel for summer ventilation, this booster seat will become your pet’s new travel best friend all year round.

Henry Wag Travel Single Car Seat Cover £14.09 and Henry Wag Car Travel Boot n Bumper Protector £31.69 

For those who love to be out and about with their pet, going on muddy walks or trips to the beach, the Henry Wag car seat cover is here to save the day and protect your seats from muddy paws and wet coats. Easy to adjust and can fit securely into most cars, this Henry Wag car seat cover is designed with hard wearing, waterproof materials for easy to wipe off dirt and debris. Featuring handy pockets for essential dog walking items, this cover is ideal to install and offers a hassle-free solution fora clean and safe journey to protect your car against fur, scratches, mud and any liquids.

If your dog prefers to ride in the boot of the car, the Henry Wag car boot and bumper protector is recommended for providing a comfortable space for your pup that also keeps your boot clean and tidy. Made from tough, tear-resistant, waterproof material, this easy-to-fit protector ensures that the interior of your boot is kept clean from even the wettest and muddiest of pups. Featuring an adjustable weighted panel to protect your bumper and simple velcro fastenings to attach to both fabric and plastic interiors, this quilted cover is the perfect travel companion for any dog owner. 

Henry Wag Coats for Dogs

For dogs who love outdoor adventures, keeping them warm and dry is vital to both of you enjoying those long nature walks. Whether you’re looking to protect your pup from the rain and cold weather or you’re conscious of keeping the mud off their fur to prevent a dirty car, Henry Wag have a selection of dog coats made for all of your dog walking needs.

The Henry Wag waterproof dog coat offers hydro-comfort technology with layers of breathable insulation and waterproof lining to keep your pup warm and dry during outdoor adventures. Available in a variety of easily adjustable sizes to fit your dog snugly and handy reflective panels for clear visibility in the dark, this dog coat fits perfectly over any collar and harness. Designed to offer your dog maximum comfort whilst minimising the impact of dirt and water in your car or home, this is sure to become your new dog walking essential.

Henry Wag Waterproof Dog Coat £21.09 and Henry Wag Drying Dog Coat £29.59  

One of the most important ways to keep your pet clean and happy, is to ensure all water and dirt is removed from your dog’s coat in order to reduce the risk of infection. Henry Wag’s drying dog coat helps to remove all traces of water and dirt after particularly wet walks and can also be used after bathing to help them dry faster. Designed with highly absorbent, top-quality microfibre that easily wicks water from your dog’s fur, this Henry Wag drying dog coat is a must-have for all dog owners. For use both at home and to keep to-hand for outdoor adventures, this all-in-one, easy to wear drying coat will not only protect your interiors but also help keep your dog happy and healthy.

Henry Wag Grooming Accessories

Dedicated to providing the best-quality products for your pets, Henry Wag also offer a variety of dog grooming products that can be used to help keep your dog dry and dirt-free. Using advanced microfibre technology, Henry Wag has designed a range of drying gloves, bags and mats to help keep your dog’s fur in the best condition after their outdoor adventures. Designed for easy use and compact travel, Henry Wag’s dog grooming products are the perfect addition to your dog travel supplies to ensure they can be kept comfortable and dry no matter what.

A simple yet effective way of ensuring your dog is kept dry and free from risk of infection is using the luxurious Henry Wag pet drying glove. Made from lightweight, water-wicking microfibre, this drying glove features a chenille noodle side for maximum cleaning and absorption and a woven side to help groom your pup's coat. This glove is a quick and effective way of getting your dog dry and clean before getting into the car to help protect your furnishings and your dog’s health at the same time.

Henry Wag Microfibre Cleaning & Drying Glove £8.85, Henry Wag Microfibre Drying Pet Mat £19.69 and Henry Wag Microfibre Drying Dog Bag £45.79 

An alternative to the microfibre noodle drying glove, Henry Wag offers the same, useful fabric in a microfibre drying pet mat form. This Henry Wag drying pet mat is a great multipurpose accessory that can be used in the car, as a bed liner or as a handy towel to ensure that all remnants of dirt and water are removed from your pet. With fast absorption and quick drying capabilities, this dog drying mat is more effective than a regular towel and can also provide your dog with a comfortable place to rest in the car after a long walk.

If your dog tends to be avoidant when it comes to being dried with a towel or glove then a simple way to get them dry with minimum effort is with the Henry Wag drying dog bag. Featuring the same, fast absorbing microfibre materials, this drying bag is simply worn over your dog’s head and zipped up the back for an all-in-one, easy to wear drying towel. This drying bag is perfect for keeping your dog at bay after a wet walk which also helps to keep your car clean and your dog stay warm and dry. 

Stay prepared for dog walks Henry Wag

Now that you have a good idea of the best-selling Henry Wag products and how they can help make your life with a pup easier, it’s time to get shopping. Browse the full collection of Henry Wag products to find the perfect cleaning, grooming and adventure-ready accessories for you and your dog. Alternatively, take a look at our other award-winning pet brands on our website for more quality dog products atDirect4Pet.