The best grooming brushes for your cat

A great way to spend some quality time with your furry friends is through grooming them. Not only can brushing your cat be enjoyable for them but cat grooming is also a great way to form a bond with your pet.

If you’re curious about the different types of cat brushes available and you’re interested in learning some handy tips and tricks when it comes to grooming your cat, then Direct4Pet is the right place to be. Read on to discover our top cat grooming brushes as we share some tips on the purrrfect way to groom your cat or kitten.

Why do cats need to be groomed?

Firstly it's important to address the question of why your cat needs to be groomed so that you can choose the brush you need carefully! 

Although naturally, cats spend a significant amount of their day grooming themselves, it is also important to give them a helping hand to ensure that their coats are kept in perfect condition. A cat’s tongue is designed specifically for grooming themselves effectively, helping remove loose hair and dirt, however, a cat grooming brush is also necessary in helping remove the hard to reach areas that your cat may often miss. 

As a domestic cat’s fur is made up of 3 types of hair; down, awn and guard, all of which require specific grooming attention, making sure you’re using the right brush for your cat is essential. It’s also important to remember, as with most furry pets, moulting will occur all year round. This is particularly important when it comes to owning cats, as regular grooming can remove loose hair and prevent it from being swallowed and ending up as a hairball.

Here are a few key benefits of cat grooming you mat not have known:

  • Regular grooming helps to keep your cats coat waterproof and shiny by stimulating the glands at the base of the hairs
  • Grooming with a cat brush can remove any parasites that may be lingering
  • A grooming routine gives cat owners  an opportunity to give your cat a physical check, looking at their ears, mouth and eyes to ensure everything is healthy and there are no unwanted pests or lumps
  • Grooming allows your cat, or kittens  body temperature to be regulated, with the smoothing of the coat providing more effective insulation 
  • A regular grooming routine can be very therapeutic for both you and the cat, providing a way to reinforce a bond between you both, similar to the effect cats grooming each other can have

Top 4 cat grooming brushes

Now that you know just how important grooming your cat can be, here is a list of the best cat grooming brushes you can find here at Direct4Pet!

Kong Zoom groom cat brush

The unique Kong Zoom groom cat brush is perfect for those cats that are slightly more adverse to grooming. This multi-use grooming product helps prevent hair ball formation, easily collects loose hairs and offers a massaging experience for your cat. Your cat won’t be quick to run away from grooming this time!



Rosewood salon grooming slicker brush


Perfect for cats with medium to long coats. The wide brush and fine wire pins help to easily remove matts, tangles and any loose hair. Its cushioned mount helps reduce brushing pressure for your cat, making it a lot more comfortable for them!






Rosewood soft protection fine comb

Recommended  for cats with short or fine coats (such as a British Shorthair or Burmese) The Rosewood soft protection fine comb helps to easily remove knots and tangles, great for preventing hair balls from forming!







Rosewood soft protection flea comb

For cats that owners may suspect have fleas, we would recommend investing in a cat brush such as  the Rosewood flea comb. Suitable for all coat types, the Rosewood soft protection flea comb makes easy work of checking for pests, making it easy to remove fleas, nits and other debris your cats coat may pick up.



Looking for more information? Read our FAQ's on cat grooming below

Can I use a human hairbrush to groom my cat?

You may be thinking, ‘a brush is just a brush, right?’, wrong. Although a human hairbrush probably won’t do any harm to your cat it's also not the best option for your cat. 

A cat’s coat is very dense and a human hairbrush only tackles the top coat, which for long haired cats is no help at all, as it's especially important to remove the dead undercoat of a long-haired cat to help prevent matting. 

As well as this, due to the nature of sharing brushes with pets,  infections such as ringworm can be passed through the brush, so instead, we would recommend opting for a specially-made cat grooming brush.

How often should I groom my cat?

It’s recommended that short-haired cats are groomed at least once a week, ensuring that a flea comb is also used to check for the presence of pests. 

Long haired cats should be groomed least once a day to prevent matting and the accumulation of furballs. However, with the frequency of grooming, it's important to pay careful attention to the tolerance level of your cat and never push to groom them more than they are comfortable with.

What type of grooming brush is best for my cat?

For short haired cats, the perfect grooming brush should be a fine tooth comb or bristle brush such as our Rosewood soft protection fine comb.

Long haired cats should be groomed using a wide tooth comb, at least once a day such as our Rosewood salon grooming slicker brush.

Additionally, all cats should be groomed using a flea comb at least once a week, we suggest using the Rosewood soft protection flea comb to remove the nitty gritty parts that your usual comb cannot reach.

What is the proper way to groom my cat?

Firstly, it’s important to accustom cats to being groomed from a young age, by gradually building up the amount of time you spend grooming your kitten the more it will become a positive experience for them. It’s important to note that grooming should never be a negative thing for you or your cat and a cat should also never be forcibly groomed. 

Signs that your cat may be feeling uncomfortable by the grooming process are; suddenly becoming tense, tail swishing, skin rippling, licking its lips and growling. If your cat begins to show any of these signs whilst grooming them it's important to stop to prevent them from feeling trapped and stressed.

Ready to groom your cat correctly? Shop our range of cat grooming products including, the reliable Rosewood salon grooming slicker brush and the popular Kong Zoom groom cat brush. Discover all of your cat grooming essentials here at Direct4Pet.