Spring activities for you and your dog

As the weather starts to warm up, both you and your dog will likely be eagerly awaiting the longer, brighter days, where you can play outside and adventure into the great outdoors without the worry of weather or the evenings drawing in. Whether you’re looking forward to extending the length of your daily walks, finding a new exciting area to explore or searching for a doggy playdate, at Direct4Pet, we’re here to share a variety of our favourite dog-friendly activities for you both to enjoy this season. 

Read on to discover the range of activities perfect for you and your dog to take part in this spring before summer creeps in and limits your play hours. From exploring new spring scents to recommended dog-friendly walks, we also stock an excellent selection of Direct4Pet toys designed to keep your dog entertained and enriched for hours through the spring season. But first, before we dive into our suggestions, we’ll walk you through our common FAQs around dogs and spring to help you best prepare for the season. 

Do dogs act differently in spring? 

The short answer to this question is, yes!  As the weather starts to warm up you may notice a change in your dog’s behaviour. They may become more energetic or appear more agitated, this change in behaviour is often described as ‘spring fever’. There are a few factors that can contribute to different behaviours in your dog, including:

New scents in the air - Dogs have a very strong sense of smell, as the spring blooms start to arrive, there are many new scents in the air that can irritate your dog’s nose. Flowers, grass and pollen are all strong odours to our dog’s and can cause irritation for those that suffer from allergies, therefore it’s important to be prepared for this as the spring season approaches.

Mating season begins - As we all know, spring is the start of new life for both nature and its animals, dogs included. You may notice your dog, more specifically, your female dog, starting to show more “affectionate” behaviours than usual due to the presence of mating season. This can majorly affect your female dog’s mood and behaviours, making them more lethargic or sensitive, so it’s important to adjust their routine accordingly.

More wildlife present - As stated above, spring brings new life and with it more animals to irritate your hyper-aware dogs. Whether it’s squirrels, rabbits, foxes or birds, the local wildlife and its babies come out to play in the spring and can wreak havoc on your dog and their natural curious instincts. Especially if your dog is territorial over their space, having new animals invade it can cause your dog to be more agitated or aggressive than usual.

Less melatonin production - Research has shown that as the days get brighter for longer, your dog starts to produce less melatonin, which is the main chemical responsible for making us sleepy. Therefore your dog will appear to have more energy than usual during the spring and summer months causing them to feel more agitated if left under-stimulated for too long. This is why it’s important to incorporate some fun spring activities into your routine to let your dog disperse all of its built up energy.

What activities to do with your dog in spring?

Adjusting to the new season can be daunting yet full of fun possibilities - with more daylight meaning more time to play outdoors with your dog, you may find yourself wondering what activities you can do with your dog to keep them entertained for longer. Below are a list of fun spring activities pet owners can work into their spring routine: 

Hikes or nature walks

Spring is the perfect chance to start getting some extra steps in your daily routine and what better way to do that than by exercising in the great outdoors with your pooch. Whether you choose to explore a new nature trail or find a challenging hike, taking your dog along for the journey is a great way for the both of you to get some fresh air after a long winter inside. Dogs love outdoor areas where they can roam freely and enjoy new sights and smells - whether you choose an inland hike or a coastal walk, finding dog-friendly outdoor activities is a great way to keep your dog happy this spring. 

Stimulating agility courses

To get your dog’s endorphins flowing, a dog agility course is a great way to stimulate them both mentally and physically. Whether you take them to a local dog agility course or build your own in the garden, giving your dog a challenging outdoor activity that’s different from their usual walks will help combat any built up energy whilst also teaching them some new tricks.

To build a dog agility course in your garden, use lawn chairs, cardboard boxes, hula hoops and any other household items that won’t cause any harm to your pet - be sure to have their favourite treats on hand for when they successfully complete the course.

Playdates with other dogs

Warmer weather is the perfect opportunity to get your dog outside to make new friends. Whether you meet up with a fellow dog-owner friend or take your pup to a local dog park or puppy class, arranging playdates with other dogs is an ideal spring activity that gets you socialising too! Not only is it a lot of fun for your dog to play with other pups, but it is also good for mental stimulation and building their social skills. Be sure to check out local dog walking groups or events in your area, as these events are often organised by size or breed of dog, so pet owners needn’t worry that their big, or little pooch, will feel left out as they will be surrounded by similar sized dogs. 


Spring is the start of camping season and is often a quieter time to consider a camping trip with your furry-friend, just  before the summer rush. If you have a spare weekend why not look for a dog-friendly campsite nearby for a vacation with your furry friend. Whether you choose a lake, mountain or ocean, camping is a great opportunity to get outside in nature and bond with your pet - from exploring a new area to relaxing round the campfire, camping presents new challenges and obstacles for both of you to overcome. 

Be sure to pack all of your pet’s essentials as well as your own, this includes their usual food, water, bed and toys to help keep them settled in their new environment. If you choose to travel by car, make sure you have all of the relevant dog car safety products for a stress-free, secure journey. Browse through our range of dog travel accessories to find out more.

Outdoor dog toys for Spring playtime

For all of the above mentioned spring activities, naturally, you will need a fun collection of outdoor dog toys to bring along. From playing fetch in the garden to splashing around in the ocean with a brand new ball, we have an extensive range of exciting outdoor dog toys your pup will love. 

Fetch dog toys

Chuckit Sport Dog Ball Launcher Toy Thrower Assorted Colours £9.69 and Rosewood Dog Frisbee Cyber Rubber Flying Saucer Floating Throw Fetch Toy - Large £5.99 

Playing fetch is a great way to sharpen up your dog’s eye-mouth coordination whilst also participating in a fun game. Chuckit!® offer a range of dynamic dog toys in a variety of designs, colours and textures that revolutionise a game of fetch. Their Light Fetch Ball is designed to light up in bright colours upon impact giving dogs something bright and exciting to chase. Made from durable rubber, this ball will stand the test of many fetch play times whilst still being gentle on your dog’s mouth. The unique shape of the balls creates an erratic path when thrown and is also compatible with the Chuckit!® Dog Ball Launcher for an exciting chase everytime. 

The Chuckit!® dog ball launcher is a must-have toy for every dog owner - it allows you to throw a ball two times further than a standard hand throw - a great way to exercise dogs without wearing yourself out. The ergonomic handle and cupped end allows greater control over the lightweight launcher hands-free pickup to avoid any slobbery messes. This launcher is compatible with standard tennis balls and all Chuckit!® balls only - browse through the full range of Chuckit!® dog toys to find the one your dog will love.

For dogs that prefer to fetch a frisbee, Rosewood offers a Cyber Rubber Flying Saucer made from tough, chew-resistant rubber that is designed to encourage dogs to chew, chase, fetch and tug all whilst keeping their gums healthy. The bright colours add some fun into the day whilst the premium quality ensures endless hours of fetch on land and water.

Dog toys for water play

Chuckit! Amphibious Mega Ball Water Dog Toy Floating Dog Ball for Medium & Large Dogs £10.29, KONG AirDog Bone Medium £8.09 and KONG AirDog Football £8.09

Most dogs love splashing around in the water, especially when it involves a game of fetch. Not only is swimming a great form of exercise for all dogs but it is mentally enriching to be immersed in a new environment for playtime. If you’re venturing to a nearby body of water on one of your spring activities then a water-buoyant dog toy is a must-have to make your dog’s day.

The Chuckit!® Amphibious Mega Ball features a lightweight foam core that makes this traditional style fetch ball, unsinkable in water. This buoyant ball is Ideal for larger water loving dogs as it is gentle on your dog’s mouth and designed not to pop even with more rough-playing dogs. The bright blue and orange colours of this ball will make it easy to spot in both water and land so that you can guarantee endless hours of fun for your pup.

KONG also offers a variety of water-friendly dog toys including the AirDog® Squeaker Bone and AirDog® Squeaker Football. Combining two classic dog toys - the tennis ball and the squeaker - this squeaker bone and football are the perfect fetch toys for outdoor activities especially in the water. The non-abrasive, high-quality material is designed to not wear down dogs’ teeth and will float when thrown into water. KONG is one of our best selling dog toy and treat brands, we recommend browsing through the other KONG products available on our website to add to your dog toy collection for the new season.

Have fun this Spring with the help of Direct4Pet

Now that you have a list of fun activities you can enjoy with your dog this spring, why not browse the Direct4Pet new in range to find all of your must-have essentials for this season. Whether you’re looking for a new dog harness and lead perfect for hikes, dog travel essentials for camping or a new toy to play fetch with, find everything you need to keep your furry friend happy and entertained here at Direct4Pet.