Direct4Pet: Essential Horse Health Products

As many equestrian owners may already be familiar with, preparing for the arrival of a new horse, or pony, can often be overwhelming. From finding suitable stables to searching for appropriate tack, investing in essential horse health products can often go overlooked and may be the last task on your to do list. Even though settling a horse into new surroundings and investing in all the appropriate equestrian gear is important, we highly recommend having a supply of essential health products for your horse accessible at all times. 

From horse eye care that helps to prevent a build up of debris and hydrate the eyes, stress relief powder that will help your horse settle into new surroundings with ease, and antiseptic ointment to effectively treat a number of injuries, our range of horse health products at Direct4Pet provides everything you need to keep your horse happy and healthy.

In this post, our Direct4Pet experts will walk you through a number of our recommended horse health products for equestrian owners to invest in. Guaranteed to help keep your horse, or pony, fit and well, we’ll shine light on our top essential horse health products, as well as answer frequently asked questions about some of the necessary steps you should carry out to take care of your horse.

Recommended Horse Health Products

1.Eye drops - such as the Twelve TVM Eye Support Drops

Containing essential ingredients that will help to soothe and hydrate your horse or pony’s eyes when they face irritation, these eye support drops from TVM UK include magnesium, potassium, vitamin B12 and hyaluronic acid, which all play a key role in maintaining good eye health. 

Featuring restorative properties that will soothe the cornea, the drops maintain a 60-day shelf life once opened and should be applied to your horse’s eye at least once or twice a day. Arguably one of the most useful horse health products to invest in, the Twelve TVM Eye Support Drops can also be used on smaller pets at home, which will save you from having to invest in two products. These eye drops, in particular, are suitable for use on horses, dogs, cats and exotic pets. 

2. Optixcare Eye Clean Wipes (Pack of 50) - £8.69

Ideal for everyday use, these horse cleaning wipes from Optixcare provide the perfect solution for preventing a build up of stains and debris around your horses’ eyes, which could cause excessive irritation. Free from lint and soaked in Optixcare Eye Cleaning Solution (available as a separate product at Direct4Pet), the super-soft wipes are both skin-friendly and soothing on your horse's eyes. Similarly to the Twelve TVM eye drops, these wipes can also be used on both cats and dogs, but should not be used on any other pets. 

3. Zylkene Equine 1000 Stress Relief Powder Sachets 20 x 4g - £88.19

Due to the unfamiliar nature of settling into a new environment, meeting other animals or being transported in a horse box - your horse, or pony, is likely to initially find the settling in process particularly stressful. If your horse is displaying signs of stress or anxiousness, it’s best to address the issue sooner rather than later - as this could lead to more problematic behaviours later down the line. To help relieve your horse, or pony, of stress and anxiousness, we would recommend investing in Zylkene Equine Stress Relief Powder Sachets. Made using completely natural ingredients, these stress-busting sachets can help put your horse at ease through a number of challenging situations, as well as improve their ability to adapt to change. 

4. Leovet Silver Anti-Septic Ointment For Injuries 150ml - £11.49

Perfect for treating mud fever, this horse health product will treat the scabs and sores that can appear on a horse's legs as a result of the illness. A problem that has become increasingly common among horses, mud fever is prominent during the winter, where fields are particularly muddy and can coat the legs or gather in the hooves of your horse or pony. However this antiseptic ointment contains colloidal silver, which releases silver ions that allow the silver’s antiseptic to work its magic and push back harmful bacteria. Preventing the infection from worsening, the ointment helps to replenish the affected areas. And, as it contains premium plant oils, the treatment will fully hydrate dry, cracked skin on your horse, making it smoother and preventing discomfort.

5. Leovet Power Phaser Durativ c/w Sponge Insect Protector For Horse Equine 500ml - £17.89

Containing powerful active ingredients that protect against all kinds of insects, including mosquitoes, horse flies, flies and ticks, this insect repellant gel is highly effective in keeping your horse or pony insect-free. Using the supplied sponge, you can easily apply this gel repellent to your horse without getting your hands dirty. Particularly useful during the summer months, this insect repellant gel for horses provides up to seven hours of 100% effective protection. 

6. Newmarket Concentrated Joint Supplements For Horses 500g - from £28.09

Containing two key ingredients, glucosamine and chondroitin, this horse joint supplement will help to aid in the production and repair of cartilage, joint fluid, tendons and ligaments in your horse. Made using natural raw materials, each batch of this safe joint supplement has been guaranteed by Europe’s leading equine forensic laboratory to contain over 99% Glucosamine Hydrochloride, which is both a non toxic and highly effective ingredient suitable for horses.


How to take care of a horse?

When it comes to taking care of a horse, it’s advisable to make a list of all the supplies you’ll need to ensure they stay fit and healthy, as well as establishing a horse health care routine, which will allow equestrian owners to keep on track and develop lasting habits to maintain your horse’s health. Here are a few steps you’ll need to consider:

    1. Establish a set feeding schedule - Make sure you feed your horse, or pony, hay or grain and fill up their water bowl/provide fresh water every morning and night.
    2. Avoid overeating - Although it’s important to introduce your horse to a set feeding routine, when they are out in the field, they can often end up grazing too much, which can make them go lame or, in more extreme cases, develop grass colic. To avoid this, create a plan where you’ll increase and decrease the amount of time your horse spends in the field. Dependent on external factors such as the time of year, adjusting your horse to a specific turn-out routine will allow them to become accustomed to a healthy diet. 
    3. Maintain good hygiene - To ensure that your horse maintains good health, muck out their stable every morning and night, which can be done with a simple wheelbarrow, shavings fork, sweeping brush and shovel. Once finished, check that all of the manure has been cleared.
    4. Schedule regular turn-outs - When turning out your horse, ensure that they wear a rug if it’s during the winter, as this will allow them to stretch their legs and get enough sunshine and grass to keep them healthy, which is particularly important through colder months.
    5. Exercise your horse regularly - Whether it’s practicing jumps, riding them along the stunning British countryside, or simply putting them in the walker, make sure that your horse is exercised a few times each week. As well as preventing a number of health issues, this can help to reduce the risk of weight gain, joint problems and more. And, when placing them in the walker, ensure that this is for around an hour, dedicating equal amounts of time to walking them in each direction.
    6. Refresh bedding - To prevent stable-related injuries and to keep your horse as comfortable as possible, we would recommend replacing their bedding frequently, which will usually consist of straw.
    7. Keep your horse insect-free - Particularly during the summer months, the fields and stables will likely see hundreds of insects, which can irritate your horse and, in some cases, transmit disease. Therefore, using a fast and effective horse insect repellent from our range will keep your horse free of insects all season round, preventing some infections.
    8. Clean out hooves - You should make it common practice to clean out your horse’s hooves of mud and debris at least once a day, as regular horse hoof maintenance can prevent a number of issues from occurring, such as infections.

Where to buy horse health supplies? 

The amount of supplies you need to buy when preparing for the arrival of a new horse can first appear daunting and costly. Therefore, it pays to create a plan of all the essential supplies required and where to buy at affordable prices, to help make this transition process a breeze. 

Typically, essential horse equipment often includes riding gear for you, horse tack, supplies for mucking out, a first aid kit, straw and hay, the correct size rug to keep your horse warm during winter, grooming supplies to help look after their coat, and more. However, if you’re moving to a new stable, it’s worth checking in advance what equipment will be supplied. This will provide a clear idea of the supplies you’ll need, as well as saving you money and time. 

However, more overlooked horse supplies include a number of important health care products such as flea treatments, eye care, supplements and more, which all play an important role in keeping your horse healthy. At Direct4Pet, we stock an exceptional range of horse health products from trusted brands including Optixcare, Leovet and more, which work to promote good horse health all year round.

However, if you’re unsure about the symptoms your horse may be experiencing, it’s advisable to call a vet rather than relying on health care products. Therefore, if you’re new to a particular stable, you should check if there’s an on-site vet, and if not, ask around for a recommendation and reach out to one yourself. A reliable vet contact should be established early on as an equestrian owner, as they might be needed when least expected. 

Need further advice?

If you’re in need of further advice to help you find suitable horse health supplies, simply contact our team at Direct4Pet for more information, or browse our full range of horse health products. Alternatively, if your horse has been experiencing concerning symptoms and you think it might be a sign of something more serious, it’s advisable to reach out to your vet as soon as possible.