Direct4Pet: Kong Toys Guide

Kong dog toys are popular educational rubber toys designed to keep your pet entertained and occupied for hours. Kong’s innovative designs teach your dog patience and perseverance during play and treat time. Most Kong toys are created to feature hollow cavities that allow for tasty treats to be inserted so that dogs are kept stimulated whilst eating, allowing for their instinctual needs of chewing and play to be met.

Top 5 Benefits of Kong Dog Toys

There are many benefits of Kong toys for your dogs. Not only are they great for play and meal times, but they can also be used to entertain your dog while you are busy or out of the house and eliminate unfavourable dog behaviours too such as chewing furniture. Below, we have listed the top 5 benefits Kong toys can give to you and your dog.

  1. Teething - When your puppy’s teeth start coming through their gums can become quite painful, and having a soft rubber Kong toy for them to chew on can help to alleviate the pain. Kong puppy toys are specifically designed for your dogs growing teeth and jaws, with the soft, yet tough rubber helping promote the entry of new teeth whilst also encouraging healthy chewing habits.
  2. Healthy and non destructive chewing - This is one of many of our dogs' natural instincts that are seen as “bad behaviours” in the home; however Kong toy’s can help satisfy these natural instincts to chew by redirecting their attention to a toy with tasty treats inside instead. Providing your dog with a healthy outlet for chewing is not only important to save your shoes and furniture, but also because chewing helps your dog to clean their teeth and gums, and also keeps them relaxed by relieving stress and anxiety.
  3. Alleviates boredom - Your dogs always need an outlet to both stimulate their mind and use energy, but when left with no appropriate outlet can often choose problematic behaviours to cure their boredom. However with a Kong toy, they can stay entertained for hours. A Kong chew toy with Kong treats inside can help extend play time by creating a long-lasting challenge that will mentally stimulate them and help redirect their energy toward something more positive.
  4. Weight management - Ensuring your dog’s weight is kept at a healthy level can be difficult when it comes to meal times however Kong can help prevent weight gain by providing more challenging ways to eat. The Kong classic or Kong wobbler are great ways to slow down your dog’s eating whilst providing satisfying challenges to keep them entertained. They can also provide new toys to play with to help keep them engaged in healthy physical activities.
  5. Separation anxiety - Many dogs often face separation anxiety when left alone by their owners, however giving them a Kong toy with treats inside can help create positive associations with being left alone. Stuffing your Kong toy with food or treats can create a fun challenge that will help occupy them for the first 20 minutes of being left alone. To keep them distracted for even longer, try freezing your Kong.


The best Kong toys for your dog

Kong Classic Food Dispensing Toy - £7.99

The Kong Classic has become a staple dog toy in households all over the world for over 40 years. Its simple-yet-innovative all-natural rubber design is ultra-durable with a great bounce that combines a dog’s need to play and to chew. To make play time even more fun, be sure to stuff the Kong toy with your dog’s favourite food and treats to extend play time even longer.

Kong toys are available in a variety of sizes and types of rubber to suit dogs all the way from teething puppies to strong adult chewers. For larger dogs with a more powerful chew try the Kong Extreme. For older dogs the Kong Senior will suit them better as it is designed for ageing more delicate gums. And for your new puppy the Kong puppy is perfect to encourage their new teeth to grow through.

Kong Activity Ball Puppy - £8.39

For your new hyperactive puppies why not try the Kong activity ball. Made from Kong’s unique puppy rubber, this ball supports your puppy in learning appropriate chewing behaviours whilst fulfilling their instinctual needs. The dental-ridges of the toy can be filled with your puppies' favourite treats to turn the toy into a fun, treat-dispensing challenge whilst also helping to ease aching teething pains. Try our Kong puppy snacks to stuff your activity ball with for endless hours of fun! Why not try the Kong Puppy Binkie, Kong Classic Puppy Chew Toy or Kong Puppy Teething Sticks for more teething toy options.

Kong Airdog Squeaker Bone - £9.29

A great alternative to the classic tennis ball toy is the Kong Airdog Squeaker Bone. This bone-shaped toy features a tennis-ball-style rubber, squeakers and non-abrasive fabric, creating an exciting bounce and new texture to your dog’s toy collection. This toy is great for games of fetch, with the hidden squeaker encouraging fun play and a vibrant yellow colour making the toy easy to spot in any outdoor play environment. 

Kong Scrunch Knots - £9.89

If your pup prefers a soft toy, then try the Kong Scrunch Knots. This cute plush toy is designed with a squeak feature and an internal rope with stretchy sides to entice tug-of-war play with owners and other dogs. The internal knots satisfy your dog's natural chewing instincts and contain no stuffing, preventing any potential mess. Perfect for hours of stretchy, squeaky and interactive fun! Available in various types of animals including racoon and fox, your dog will stay entertained for hours with this toy.

If you’re looking for more soft, plush toys for your dog browse our full collection of Kong toys on the Direct4Pet website.

Kong Easy Treat Peanut Butter - £8.69

To add some flavour to your Kong dog toy, try our Kong Peanut Butter Easy Treat. This mouth-watering treat is highly-digestible, trans-fat free and delicious. Better still, the Easy Treat packaging features a uniquely designed nozzle for easy control and mess-free stuffing when inserting into the Kong toys. 

Available in a variety of tasty flavours, this dog treat paste is sure to engage and delight your dog. Great as a reward, for occupying chewing habits or as a distraction to help prevent separation anxiety, try the liver and chicken flavours and treat your pup today!

Kong Liver Snacks - £7.39

Another great treat to add into your Kong toys is the Kong Liver Snack Biscuits. Made using all-natural ingredients and irresistible flavours, these treats are a great option for training your dog as well as for a stimulating play time with their Kong toy. Mix with the Kong treat paste for an irresistible treat combo, both available in a variety of flavours on our Direct4Pet website today.


How to use Kong dog toys?

The best way to use your Kong dog toy such as the Kong Classic is to mix a selection of dry dog food, treats and treat paste. Simply stuff the mixture into either hole of the kong toy and seal with treat paste for added flavour. The option to freeze the Kong toy is there if you’re looking to challenge your dog even more, alleviate teething or cool your dog on a hot summer's day. 

Make sure you introduce the toy to your dog with an excited voice and show them that their favourite treats are inside to ensure their interest.

What Kong toys are best for my dog?

The type of Kong toy you decide to buy for your dog completely depends upon how old the dog is and what they're most interested in playing with. If your dog is more interested in soft, plush toys then a Kong Wildknots Bear or Kong Squiggles Stretchy Toy will be more likely to peak their interest. If your pup likes more of a challenge then a Kong Extreme Chew Toy will entertain them for longer. 

Our top tip for choosing the right Kong toy for the age of your dog is to note the colour of the rubber Kong toys. In general, pink and blue indicate that the toy is suitable for a puppy or young dog. The famous Kong crimson red is the standard toy for adult dogs and purple toys are for older dogs.

Where to buy Kong toys for dogs?

Here at Direct4Pet, we have a wide range of Kong dog toys, treats and more. Check out the full Kong collection here.

Need further advice?

If you’re in need of any advice surrounding your dog's behaviours or health simply contact our team of friendly pet experts at Direct4Pet for more information. Alternatively, if you’re curious about which Kong dog toys will best suit your dog, browse the full collection of Kong toys on our website today.