Best Dog Travel Accessories of 2022

Planning a trip with your trusty sidekick? Travelling with a pet can be stressful but being equipped with the best tools before you travel can make the journey so much easier. To make sure your upcoming trip with your furry friend is as smooth sailing as possible, consider what dog travel accessories you will need to keep your pet calm, safe and secure whilst travelling. Keep reading as we walk you through the best pet travel accessories for 2022 available to purchase online  at Direct4Pet, as well as offering guidance on how best to prepare for your next dog-friendly adventure.

Keeping your dog comfortable whilst travelling

Arguably the most important part of travelling with your pet is making sure they are happy and comfortable throughout the journey. A great way to ensure your dog will be comfortable with travel is to get them accustomed to it from a young age. Introduce them to either travelling in the car, train or bus, as early as possible so that when the time comes, their chances of feeling anxious whilst travelling are reduced.

If your next adventure with your pets is by car, we would also recommend pet owners take necessary steps to make sure their car is a cosy, comfortable environment ahead of travel, as this is often essential when it comes to reducing your dog’s stress levels. Placing a cosy, car friendly dog bed or a familiar dog blanket in your car for your dog to smell and play with will help them recognise that the car journey ahead isn’t as daunting as it may first appear. Paired with a number of their favourite toys and treats, this will likely help your dog relax and feel more accustomed to travelling with you. 

If you’re travelling during the summer and are concerned about how comfortable your dog will feel travelling in the heat, there are many travel accessories such as a dog cooling mat, or dog cooling coat that can eliminate their chances of overheating. 

If your pet is of nervous disposition and travelling makes them anxious then there are many pet calming products that are available to help alleviate their stress and ensure both you and the dog are relaxed during your travels. Discover the best dog travel accessories available at Direct4Pet for your dog below.

Top Dog Travel Accessories for 2022


1. Animate Dog Cooling Coat (£19.59)

If you’re travelling with your dog during summer, then it’s vital your dog is kept cool and comfortable, especially if they are travelling in a hot car for extended periods of time. The Animate Dog Cooling Coat is designed specifically to keep your dog chilled for up to 4 hours and benefits from a highly absorbent material, that soaks in cold water and once wrung out, provides a cold coat for your dog. 

Perfect for hot summer days, these coats can be easily reactivated multiple times to ensure your dog is kept consistently cool all day long.

2. Scruffs Cool Chilling Dog Bed (£23.99)

Have a fussy dog that refuses to sit in a coat? A chilling dog bed may be your pets preferred solution to keeping cool whilst travelling. Built specifically with ultra-breathable fabric, the Scruffs Cool Dog Bed is designed for enhanced comfort and support complete with an inner self-cooling gel mat that provides a cooling effect for approximately 1 hour. 

Perfect for long car journeys in the hot summer months to give an extra bit of comfort to your dog whilst travelling, the Scruffs Cool Chilling Dog Bed acts as a cool barrier to keep your pet comfortable in the car. To reset the cooling properties after use is as simple as leaving the bed unused for an hour. There’s no need to refrigerate this bed, so it’s particularly beneficial for on-the-go family adventures. 

3. All For Paws Cool Dog Mat (£30.59)

Another recommended product perfect for travelling through summer,  a cooling dog mat is a necessity for pet-friendly holidays to come.The All for Paws Cool Dog Mat helps to maintain your dog’s health and happiness on hot summer days by keeping them cool when they need it most. Made with high quality materials and self-cooling technology the special cooling gel lining keeps the mat cold even in direct sunlight. 

Suitable for all surfaces, whether it's in the boot of your car, patio, grass or a cage, this cooling mat is perfect for summer travelling. It’s easy to use and safe for all dogs to help prevent overheating and decrease the chances of heatstroke so that they can play, rest and relax no matter the weather.

4. Henry Wag Waterproof Dog Coat (£20.99)

If you’re off on an outdoorsy travel adventure, a waterproof dog coat will likely be your dog’s new best friend! Designed to keep your dog dry and warm during outdoor adventures with an insulated filling and breathable, waterproof material, the Henry Wag Waterproof Dog Coat is ideal for ensuring your dog can have fun without worrying about the impact of dirt and water in your car.

Available in a variety of sizes with elastic leg straps and an adjustable collar, this coat is suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Featuring a handy lead and harness slot and reflective stripe for great night time visibility, you’ll not want to go anywhere without this coat!

5. Adaptil Calm On-The-Go Collar (£24.49)

Travelling can be a big cause of anxiety for a lot of dogs but with a calming collar, car journeys can become a peaceful experience for your dog. The Adaptil On-The-Go Collar is designed with dog appeasing pheromones to mimic the natural pheromones released from their mothers that produce a calming effect on their young.

The collar can be effective for up to 4 weeks once opened, and so, is perfect for long travel journeys and holidays to make sure your dog feels as safe and happy as possible in new environments.

6. Adaptil transport calming spray (£22.29)

If your dog suffers from travel based anxiety and can become unsettled in new environments, a calming spray may help put them at ease. The Adaptil transport calming spray is designed to release “comforting messages” to your dog through synthetic pheromones in order to help them feel safe and secure in high-stress situations.

When on the go with your dog, this can be sprayed either directly into the car, inside a carrier or on their bed that will be used in the car, in order to keep them calm throughout the journey. It can also be used in conjunction with the Adaptil calm collar for increased comforting effects when travelling.

7. Adaptil Dog calming chews (£28.99)

Similar to the Adaptil travelling spray and on-the-go collar, these Adaptil calming dog chews are a great way to reduce your pet’s tension and anxiety during travel. These tasty treats are designed with natural, palatable ingredients and should be given approximately half an hour before departure or any time your pet becomes tense during travel. 

Disguised as a treat, these calming dog chews will come in handy on your next trip to help keep your pet relaxed throughout the journey. 

8. Folding Pet Travel Car Ramp Support (£105.99)

If you have a larger dog that you cannot pick up to put in the car or an older dog that is unable to jump into the car, then a car ramp is the perfect solution! The Folding Pet Travel Car Ramp Support  allows your dog easy access into your vehicle with a skid-resistant surface, even when wet, to keep your pet steady and safe as they make themselves comfortable ahead of a long journey. 

Perfect for travelling, the easy, tri-fold design is compact and eliminates the need for bulky equipment, freeing up plenty of boot space for other travelling essentials. Complete with a convenient carry handle, this ramp allows for effortless transportation and is ideal for your next travel adventure.

9. Henry Wag Microfiber Cleaning and Drying Pet Mat (£25.99) 

If you’re planning a trip that involves a lot of walks and the potential for your dog to get muddy and wet, then the Henry Wag Drying Pet Mat is a great dog travel accessory to consider. Perfect for use as a towel, bed insert or simply to lie down on the floor or boot of your car, this microfiber cleaning mat absorbs all dirt and excess water from your dog’s coat. 

The unique microfibre material is also perfect for travel, as it is both lightweight and compact whilst still effectively absorbing water and drying quicker than regular towels. 

Still looking for more guidance on how best to travel with your pet in 2022? Keep reading as our experts at Direct4Pet answer our frequently asked questions about travelling with dogs. 


How do you travel with a dog in the car?

If you’re planning to travel long distances with your dog in the car it’s important that you get them accustomed to being in the car for extended periods of time prior to the big trip. Try driving longer distances than usual with them so that they get used to the feeling of car safe harnesses and they know what to expect. 

If they seem hesitant at first, try driving your dog to their favourite walking place, give them frequent praise and treats so that they associate being in the car with you as a positive experience that leads to something fun. By setting aside time in the months prior to your travel plans to trial your dog being in the car, you can ensure that your dog is the most calm and comfortable when the travel plans arrive. 

How do I calm my dog for travel?

When travelling with a dog it’s important that they are kept calm and happy throughout the trip and their stress is kept to a minimum. One of the ways you can ensure your dog stays calm is by putting on a calming collar that releases pheromones that will relax your dog throughout the trip. 

Another option is to give them calming chews, such as the Adaptil Dog chews mentioned above, that work to reduce tension and anxiety without making your dog drowsy. Both of these options can also be combined with a transport calming spray, which mimics the pheromones given from mothers to send “comforting messages” to dogs in order to help them feel reassured and secure when travelling.

Ready to travel?

If you’re in need of more advice for travelling with your dogs this year or you’re worried about potential anxieties that may get in the way, simply contact our team of friendly pet experts at Direct4Pet for more information. Don’t hesitate to e-mail us with any questions or concerns about your pet, we are more than happy to help or point you in the best direction for ways to solve your problems!