Best Cleaning Supplies for Pet Owners in 2023

Whether you own a cat, dog, or other pet, we all know the difficulties of keeping your home clean with a pet on the scene. While we can’t deny we love our furry friends, the mess and general dirt and debris pets trod through the home can often be difficult to clean and keep on top of (particularly when unexpected toilet accidents occur!). That’s why, at Direct4Pet, we’re dedicated to providing pet owners with an exceptional range of reliable pet products designed to effectively tackle tough stains and stubborn smells.

In this post, our pet experts will walk you through a number of the best cleaning supplies for pet owners in 2023. From sprays, liquid cleaners and more, keep reading as we discuss each product from the Urine Off range, and how they can make cleaning your pets’ misadventures a much easier process. As well as addressing a number of pet owners’ frequently asked questions regarding general cleaning products, our guide works to ensure pet owners have access to a credible range of supplies that are reliable and pet-friendly.

Pet friendly disinfectants

Urine off Cat Spray 500ml - £10.99

Specifically designed for feline friends, the Urine Off Cat Spray is perfect for when your cat has an unexpected accident. If toilet training your kitten isn’t going as planned, or maybe you’ve introduced your new kitten to your cat and there has been urine marking or spraying involved, we have the ideal solution that can help to tackle these issues.

Suitable for cats and kittens, the Urine Off disinfectant spray features bacteria that will eradicate all traces of odours and stains, so you don’t need to worry about any lingering smells or persistent marks from your cat or kittens’ toilet mishaps. This pet friendly spray also contains useful scent blockers, so once it’s been used on the floor, or on a surface, this reliable pet disinfectant helps to prevent future markings and smells.

Urine off Dog & Puppy Wee Odour & Stain Remover - £10.99

Whether you have a small or large dog breed, regardless of size, dog owners are likely to be familiar with the sheer amount of mess to clean up and a Dog & Puppy stain remover will come in useful often.

Particularly beneficial for those who may have introduced a new puppy to your home and are currently in the toilet-training phase, or you may find yourself adjusting to a nervous, or over-excited dog’s toilet habits who may urinate in overwhelming situations, the task of cleaning up your four-legged friends accidents is likely a common occurrence.

Recommended by vets, the Urine Off pet safe cleaner spray will eliminate stains and odours that would otherwise seem impossible to remove when general disinfectant products or drugstore cleaners are used. But the specific function of this spray means that it’s extra effective in tackling all your pets’ accidents.

Urine Off Odour & Stain Remover Cat & Kitten Travel Size 118ml - £6.59

There’s no doubt that going to the vet isn’t likely to be your cat, or kittens' favorite activity, and it may come as no surprise that it might not be something your feline friend would want to willingly participate in. In fact, travelling anywhere can make your cat, or kitten, feel stressed or nervous which could result in toilet accidents or, even worse, urine spraying. However, this convenient travel size spray can be taken with you, no matter where your travels take you and your pet. Suitable for using on a wide range of surfaces, this pet friendly disinfectant provides the perfect, on-the-go solution, and will help you to clean up the mess of stressed, or young pets, with ease.

Urine Off Odour & Stain Remover Dog & Puppy Travel Size 118ml - £6.59

Whether you’re going to the vets, heading on a day trip to the beach, or you’re taking your pup with you on a staycation, sometimes puppies, or dogs, aren’t huge fans of travelling, particularly if the destination they arrive at makes them feel extra nervous or stressed. However, even if your pup does love travelling, there’s also a risk of them becoming too over-excited. And all these emotions could, potentially, result in a toilet mishap. When this happens, you’ll want to be prepared with the Urine Off, travel sized pet-safe disinfectant. No matter where your adventures take you and your pet, this puppy spray is highly effective and suitable for use on a variety of surfaces - making it the ideal accessory for travelling with a dog.

Pet-friendly cleaners Urine Off Odour & Stain Remover Cleaner Carpet Dogs & Puppies 1 Gallon - £30.99

From the living room carpet to your favourite rug, more often than not, toilet mishaps can occur in the most inconvenient places around the home. When this inevitably happens, luckily, the pet friendly cleaner from Urine Off can be used to abolish stains and odours from places where they would, otherwise, seem tough to remove. Trusted by pet industry experts, this is the ultimate go-to pet cleaning product.

Urine Off Odour & Stain Remover Cleaner Carpet Cats & Kitten 1 Gallon - £30.99

If you’re searching for an efficient pet friendly cleaner that will effectively tackle urine stains and the bad smells these produce, the Urine Off spray is specifically designed to work against the odours caused by the high protein content of cat food, eliminating even the worst smelling urine.

Even suitable for areas that had been soiled a while ago, this pet friendly urine remover will soak into fabric, removing odours that will attract other cats, which is particularly useful if you have a cat flap, ensuring that cats from other houses won’t come wandering into your home.

Urine Off Hi-Power Revolutionary, Ultraviolet LED Urine Finder - £9.49

Made with powerful ultraviolet technology, the LED Urine Finder from Urine Off helps pet owners’ accurately locate urine deposits that aren’t easily spotted by the human eye alone. The finder will locate the urine by highlighting this in a dull yellow glow under its powerful UV light. This will ensure you don’t miss any spots when using the Urine Off disinfectant spray, or cleaning solution, to eradicate particularly hard to source stains and odours.


What disinfectant is safe for pets?

Completely pet-friendly, you’ll be pleased to know that the Urine Off range contains nothing that could bring harm to your pet, unless consumed or used directly on them, which you should never do, unless cleaning products specifically state otherwise. And, if you’re looking to clean up mess’ other than your pets’ toilet misadventures, browse through our other disinfectants that include a number of pet safe cleaners, such as Dew’s pet friendly cleaner and Zoflora Odour Remover.

Are floor cleaners harmful to pets?

Depending on what floor cleaner you use, some contain ingredients that are harmful to pets if they walk across the floor, or lick an area of the floor where the disinfectant or cleaner has been applied. It’s always important to check the label when purchasing a cleaning product, especially if there are pets, or children, in your household. And, generally, if a cleaning solution contains ammonia, it means that it’s toxic to pets. Ammonia can cause irritation and burning sensations wherever the product makes contact with the pet, so it’s important to ensure that no products used have this in their ingredients.

Luckily, Urine Off is a much friendlier option than general household cleaning products. A pet safe disinfectant, this solution is suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces, and can be used to clean up your pets’ accidents without bringing them any harm or discomfort. However, the product hasn’t been tested or approved for using directly on your pet, so please just apply this to surfaces.

Are cleaning products safe for dogs?

Since there are so many cleaning products on the market, it’s important to only look for the ones that are safe for dogs. As mentioned, if ammonia is stated in the ingredients list, the product should be avoided. Bleach is also one to avoid if you own a pet, along with a number of other potentially harmful chemicals. However, the Urine Off range is completely safe and can be used on different surfaces, which will save you from buying multiple products.

Need further advice?

If you’ve noticed that your pet may have been affected by a cleaning product that you’ve recently used, it’s important to seek advice from a vet as soon as possible, in case further treatment is needed.

Discover the Best Cleaning Supplies for Pet Owners at Direct4Pet

We’re sure all fellow pet owners can mutually agree that if your furry friend can’t hold it, and happens to have an accident in the house, sometimes this can seem the least pleasant mess’ to clean up. So, whether you’re searching for a reliable, pet friendly cleaner, or disinfectant, our range of products showcased, including a number of reliable products from Urine Off, are each designed to make everyday life easier. Specifically made to target stains and odours, the Urine Off collection of pet safe disinfectants work to abolish the urine cats, dogs and other pets may have left behind for you to clean, and will keep your home clean and fresh.

Discover the full range of Urine Off and other household cleaning products at Direct4Pet, and find a suitable product to clean up the mess’ your pet leaves - no matter how big or small!