Benefits of a Pet Food Subscription

Frustrating for both you and your furry friends, there’s no worse feeling than opening the pet food cupboard at meal time to discover it’s empty. Having to rush to the shop in the hopes of finding your pet’s favourite food can be time consuming and stressful at the best of times, however, there are a number of ways to prevent this and subscribing to a pet food subscription service is arguably one of the best. Discover how the Direct4Pet subscription service can help pet owners save both time and money on your pet’s favourite food.

Whether you’re looking to bulk buy dog food for your pup, or you’re searching for a reliable food option for your cat, bird, horse, fish or even rabbit, we’ve got you covered here at Direct4Pet!

Offering reliable and affordable pet food subscription services for almost all types of domesticated animals, our subscription services are available across almost all leading pet food brands including, Royal Canin, Dechra, Supreme Science and more. Pet owners can subscribe with our straightforward subscription service and save up to 5% on your pet’s favourite food, delivered every 30, 60 or 90 days at your convenience at Direct4Pet. 

Still undecided on whether or not a pet food subscription is right for your pet’s food rotation? Take a look at the top benefits of subscribing to a pet food subscription service here at Direct4Pet. 

Top 5 benefits of a pet food subscription

  • You will never run out of pet food. 

With a pet food subscription, you are guaranteed to always have your chosen pet food delivered to your door however often you choose. Whether you wish to receive a bulk pack of pet food every 30, 60 or 90 days, with a subscribe and save service, pet owners are guaranteed to always have your pet’s delicious food to hand when they need it most. 

  • Saves time.

Life can get busy and remembering to pick up your pet’s food can often slip your mind. Finding time in your day to go and buy pet food can waste a lot of time, particularly if you have to travel beyond a traditional supermarket because of the nature of your pet’s dietary requirements. But, by subscribing to a pet food subscription service, you can get exactly what you need direct to your door on your chosen delivery date. Saving time looking for specific food brands that may be out of stock in one store, choosing to sign up to a subscription service for your pets food also frees up valuable time for pet owners to enjoy walking, playing and caring for their pet.

  • You will always have a consistent supply of your preferred brand.

Many supermarkets or pet shops tend to stock a very simplistic range of pet food, particularly if you have a pet rabbit or fish. If you’re looking for food that offer specific nutritional value, or are catered to pets with special medical concerns, then the Direct4Pet pet food subscription service gives pet owners access to an extensive range of food from a variety of trusted food brands. With an exceptional collection of pet brands each catering to a wide range of pet concerns, pet owners who subscribe to a food service have the exact food their pet needs at their disposal, without worrying about it being in stock at your local shop.

  • Saves money.

Buying pet food in bulk through a trusted subscription service often means that the price per packet is typically lower than the cost of regularly buying from a shop. With the Direct4Pet subscription service, our customers can save up to 5% on your preferred pet food brand, every month.

  • You can find specialised food tailored to your pet’s needs.

As many pet owners will likely be aware of, some pets require a little extra care with their diet. Whether your pet is in their early stages of life and you’re looking for a regular supply of puppy or kitten food to give them the essential nutrients they need to grow into a strong cat or dog, or you’re simply looking for a range of pet foods specific to your pets breed - we’ve got a wide range of specialist pet foods at Direct4Pet readily available for subscription. 

Direct4Pet’s most popular pet food subscription brands

Dog food subscriptions

Dechra SPECIFIC is one of our most popular dog food subscription choices. This reputable pet food brand offers a wide range of dry and wet dog food options, tailored to the specific needs of your pup. Dechra supplies dog food designed specially for allergen management, heart & kidney support, digestive support, weight control and many more health support needs. 

Better yet, our subscription service means pet owners can enjoy a regular supply of Dechra dog food subscriptions from as little as £13.39 per month as well as the option of Dechra dental treats for £3.59 per month to ensure your pup is happy and healthy all year long.

Ensure your dog gets exactly what they need for their diet with our Dechra pet food subscription - allow them to enjoy tasty, nutritionally dense food made with high quality, natural ingredients regularly without having to worry about running out! Dechra also provides a cat food subscription service of SPECIFIC™ cat food from as little as £6.99, to ensure your cat’s unique dietary needs are met too.

Specific breed dog food

If you’re looking for a dog food tailored specifically to a certain breed of dog, Royal Canin offers nutritional wet and dry dog food that includes ingredients designed to support the particular needs of your puppy's breed. Available in Direct4Pet’s monthly subscription service for as little as £10, Royal Canin’s range of dog food for different breeds gives pet owners the flexibility to receive breed-suitable pet food on a regular basis delivered straight to your door on a rotation that fits your pup’s needs.

If your dog prefers more traditional wet dog food full of rich, meaty flavours, then Winalot’s Perfect Portions wet dog food or Harrington’s Complete Mixed Selection are great food options to subscribe to. Packed full of natural, grain-free ingredients with the addition of essential nutrients to support your dog’s health and the maintenance of their coat. And, by subscribing to wet dog food, your pet has access to a regular rotation of dog food made specifically with quality ingredients, without the addition of artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. 

Cat food subscriptions 

One of our most popular pet food subscriptions for cats, is Royal Canin’s range of specialised feline foods. Designed specifically to suit a range of cat breeds and the various health issues and appetite control concerns specific to each breed of cat, Royal Canin’s pet food suits a whole range of regular feline concerns. Available on a monthly, bi-monthly or tri-monthly basis, you can find quality cat food from Royal Canin for as little as £6.99 a month, so that your kitty can always have their favourite food ready to go.

If your cat prefers food with a more meaty or fishy taste then a James Wellbeloved cat food subscription is sure to keep your pet happy. Using simple ingredients inspired by nature, the James Wellbeloved cat food range gives your pet all of the goodness they need with its naturally hypoallergenic formula providing all of the protein, vitamins and minerals they need to live a healthy life. Available in 1.5kg bags for as little as £14.05 per month, subscribing to James Wellbeloved ensures a constant supply of delicious, healthy cat food direct to your door.

If you’re looking for a more classic wet cat food option for your pet, try subscribing to the Butcher’s Classic Wet Food Variety Mix or Natures Menu Chicken and Salmon wet cat food mix - both available in bulk packs to get delivered monthly from £14.49. These wet food options are still derived from natural, nutritionally dense ingredients to help support your cat’s health but are available in a more tasty, wet food form that some cat’s often prefer over traditional cat food. 

Tasty treats for cats

At Direct4Pet, we also offer an additional range of tasty feline-friendly treats for pet-owners to subscribe to, to ensure your pet has a constant rotation of treats stocked in the cupboard. At Direct4Pet, we would recommend the Dechra SPECIFIC™ healthy cat treats - formulated with fresh fish and minerals to support their health in a mouth-watering way from as little as £3.32 per month.

Browse our full range of pet subscriptions to find additional bulk buying food and health supplement options for other animals such as rabbits, horses and birds online at Direct4Pet.

Pet Food Subscription FAQs

  • What is the cheapest way to buy dog food?

The cheapest way to buy dog food is to bulk buy using a subscription service. By subscribing to a monthly, bi-monthly or tri-monthly service you can save money on your pet’s favourite food to be guaranteed regular delivery as often as you choose.

  • Where can I buy bulk dog food online? 

You can bulk buy dog food online here at Direct4Pet through our pet food subscription service which can save you both time and money!

Try a monthly subscription of pet health supplements

As well as supplying an exceptional range of pet food options for all types of domesticated pets, we also offer pet owners the opportunity to subscribe to pet health supplements. 

At Direct4Pet, we know it’s vital to make sure our pet’s are getting all of the essential nutrients they need daily to support their health, which can be done through a wide range of different pet food products, however for pet’s that need an extra bit of support - you may need to invest in pet health supplements. Whether your pet is prone to persistent pests such as fleas, ticks and worms, needs anxiety reducing care or simply requires an increase of vitamins in their diet, our pet health supplement subscription service has you covered. Keep reading as we walk you through some of our recommended pet health supplements suitable for all types of pets. 

Multi-purpose pet vitamins

ACE-High, offers a multivitamin supplement suitable for all animal species including, dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles and more. Formulated specifically to provide your pets with high levels of both vitamins A, C and E, these vitamins help to aid pets such as fish, birds and reptiles through periods of stress or disease. These vitamins, combined with smaller quantities of other minerals (such as B1, B2 & B12) are known to be effective to help improve the health of your pet. A pet diet, rich in vitamin A specifically, is also known to be essential for healthy mucus in the lungs, mouth and gut, to help keep your pets happy and healthy. Available as a monthly subscription to give your animals a vitamin boost all year round, ACE-High’s multivitamin puts pet owners minds at ease, with a reliable, straight to your door supplement.

Anxiety Supplements

If your pet suffers from anxiety regularly, consider an Adaptil calming chew subscription to ensure that you always have tasty treats to hand that will help calm your pet whenever a stressful situation occurs. 

Flea, or Tick Supplements 

Most dogs and cats will have to tackle pests such as fleas, ticks and worms throughout their life, therefore always having a spot-on treatment to hand such as the Bob Martin Clear Fleas & Ticks treatment or worming tablets such as the Droncit worming tablets for cats and dogs, will make your life easier when it comes to swiftly treating your pet. 

Browse our full range of pet health supplements available as a monthly Direct4Pet subscription service to find the right products for you and your pet.

Find a Pet Food or Supplement Subscription for you at Direct4Pet

If you’re interested in bulk buying pet food in a cheaper and more time efficient way, or you’re looking at gaining access to a regular dose of flea treatments or pet multivitamins, our subscription service is designed to go above and beyond to help pet owners subscribe and save. Simply browse through our pet food subscriptions, and our health subscriptions available on the Direct4Pet website today. If you have any questions about which food, or supplements will be best for your pet, contact the Direct4Pet team for further information.