Westland Rooting Powder 100g

Westland Rooting Powder 100g

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Taking a cutting from the parent plant is a great, easy way of growing a new plant. Using a hormone based rooting product like Westland Rooting Powder will increase the chances of success in most cases. The root will develop quicker and will be of better quality than when rooting hormones are not used.

  • For best results stand soft stem cuttings in water for 1/2 hour before using the gel —for hard wood cuttings soak them overnight
  • Use the pack lid as a dibber to make a hole into a suitable free -draining compost such as Gro-Sure Seed & Cuttings Compost.
  • Dip the end of the cuttings in the powder and then insert into the hole
  • Cover cuttings with glass or polythene and place in a light position but out of direct sunlight
  • April to September

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Name Westland Rooting Powder 100g

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