Spikes Dinner Dried Hedgehog Food 2.5kg

Spikes Dinner Dried Hedgehog Food 2.5kg

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Spike’s is a specialist hedgehog food manufacturer providing naturally nutritious food, tailored to support their dietary needs.

A declining population means that our spiky friends are now ‘Vulnerable to Extinction'. At Spike's, our goal is to help wild hedgehogs by spreading awareness of habitat protection across the UK to ensure their survival. By making some small changes today, you can ensure little hogs are still around for years to come!

DELICIOUS CRUNCHY DRY - Spike’s Crunchy Dry Food is packed with nutritious chicken and suitable for hedgehogs of all ages. It can be fed on its own or mixed with other foods from my range.
FEEDING GUIDE - Place in a shallow dish and put out before dusk in a quiet area of the garden, along with a shallow dish of water. A mature hedgehog can eat about 20g each night.
HEALTH BENEFITS - High in fibre with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Ideal for maintaining healthy teeth and gums
SPECIAL SHAPE - Perfect for adults and hoglets
HEDGEHOG FRIENDS - Fed regularly, it will encourage hedgehogs to visit your garden all year round. No wonder it’s the most popular hedgehog food in the UK!

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Name Spikes Dinner Dried Hedgehog Food 2.5kg

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