Rosewood Pet Products Soft Protection Tick Remover

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(Soft Protection) Salon Tick Remover It's a pet thing! Soft Protection Salon is a full range of high quality grooming products for cats and dogs. The range comprises of a full selection of brushes, combs, slickers, massage and manicure products. All these products have a distinctive ergonomic thumb grip allowing the groomer comfort and ease whilst grooming their pet. The range is suitable for both professional groomers and pet owners with tips and recommendations for grooming on the unique informative packaging. Features: - Tick removing should be a regular part of your pet's grooming and is important for your pet's well-bieng. - Effective device for removing ticks. - Stainless steel spring wire with handle. - Ideal for all pets. - Ergonomic hand grip. - Approximate Length: 9cm.

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Name Rosewood Pet Products Soft Protection Tick Remover

SKU RW-07509