Protexin Fibreplex Fibre Source Supplement 15ml

Protexin Fibreplex Fibre Source Supplement 15ml

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Protexin Fibreplex for Rabbits and Small Rodents 15ml

A high fibre, carrot flavoured formulation for rabbits and other small pets, providing a palatable, easy to administer, extra dietary fibre, encouraging normal hind gut function.

Additional fibre source - use in cases of gut dysfunction
Encourages normal levels of caecotroph activity
Includes beneficial microorganisms to rapidly populate the gastrointestinal tract
Contains prebiotics to synergistically enhance the growth of microorganisms
General anaesthetic, surgery and disease conditions can often produce gut stasis. Fibreplex has been specially formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of animals, encouraging normal digestion following major disruptions.

This ensures that the normal digestive and immunological processes continue to function as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Protexin Fibreplex combines multi-sources of prebiotics to ensure that various degrees of selectively fermentable sources of food, for beneficial microorganisms within the gut.

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Name Protexin Fibreplex Fibre Source Supplement 15ml

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