Mr Johnsons Wildlife Swan Duck And Goose Food 750g

Mr Johnsons Wildlife Swan Duck And Goose Food 750g

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Mr Johnson's Wildlife Swan, Duck and Goose food is a nibbly, crunchy and healthy complementary feed for Swans, Ducks and Geese.

A walk down onto the riverbank on a warm summer's day, topped off a with a picnic... sounds like pure bliss. You might even be tempted to feed some of those left over crusts to our beautiful feathered friends, swimming hungrily towards you on the water. Feeding wildfowl is important, especially during times of natural food shortage. But if you knew the harm bread could cause to these beautiful birds, you might just put them in the bin instead.

Feeding wildfowl along the riverside is an incredibly popular past time for children and families. In fact, we feed a staggering six million loaves of bread a year! The bread that is left uneaten in the water deteriorates, as usual, causing a large buildup of bacteria and attracting rats and other vermin. When wildfowl continue to swim along these waters, they are opening themselves to range of bad bacteria that can cause various disabling health problems. Not only that, but bread has no nutritional value whatsoever, meaning that a diet of bread alone will prevent these birds from eating a naturally balanced diet.

Fortified with vitamins and minerals, Mr Johnson's Wildlife bird feed is a much healthier
alternative for birds. A combination of wheat, soya and fish meal packed into tiny crunchy balls, they are small enough be scooped up easily by their beaks, unlike bread. This feed also floats on the water, meaning less wastage for you.

Vitamin A will help the function of their eyes, respiratory and digestive system. Vitamin D will
protect their bones and Vitamin E will serve and an antioxidant. All of these qualities will
contribute to the health and vitality of these beautiful birds. Best of all, the food is incredibly
delicious to them - these peckish peckers are bound to come back for more. Let’s protect these birds and bin the bread, once and for all.

Size - 750g

Feeding Guide:
It is safer to feed wildfowl while they are in the water, rather than while they are on the bank. Not only are the birds safer in the water but they also need to eat the food with water to aid their digestion.

Scatter this feed across the surface of the water as wide as possible. This enables many birds to reach the food without over-crowding. Allow the birds to eat what has been thrown first, before throwing out any more

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Name Mr Johnsons Wildlife Swan Duck And Goose Food 750g

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