Lodi Racan Instant Electronic Rat Killer

Lodi Racan Instant Electronic Rat Killer

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A humane, fast way to catch and kill nuisance rats indoors. This efficient unit houses electrical sensing plates. As the rat enters the trap the unit senses the movement and delivers a lethal high voltage shock that kills in a matter of seconds. The rat is kept concealed in the chamber until it is easily emptied and disposed of without having to touch the dead rodent.

It has a safety protection switch, in order to prevent shocks to people or pets. The product uses microelectronic circuit technology for low power consumption so it can kill up to 20 rats per charge.

It doesn't require batteries and is easily charged using the supplied USB cables or USB mains connection if preferred. The power unit can safely be removed from the chamber to allow for easy cleaning of plates and bait compartment with a damp cloth. A fully rechargeable power unit which traps and zaps. 

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Name Lodi Racan Instant Electronic Rat Killer