Lodi Jade Grain 25 150g x 10 Pack

Lodi Jade Grain 25 150g x 10 Pack

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Contains the multi feed active bromadiolone (0.0025%) which can potentially control rats and mice in as little as two feeds. Packed in 25g sachets to keep the bait as fresh as possible, the bait is produced using the freshest and highest quality ingredients to ensure rodents are lured to the baits quickly and infestations controlled fast.

Each 150g pouch contains 6 x 25g sachets enough for between one to three rat bait points. Medium to high infestations require a number of bait points.

Bait refills may be required to replenish any bait taken. Once bait-take has stopped, the infestation has been controlled, so bait must be withdrawn from the bait stations and disposed of correctly. Always read the label.

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Name Lodi Jade Grain 25 150g x 10 Pack