Imaverol Treatment of Dermatomycoses 100ml

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Product Details

Imaverol 100ml is a synthetic antimycotic. It is indicated for the treatment of dermatomycoses or ringworm in cattle, horses and dogs induced by the following pathogenic fungi: Trichophyton verrucosum, Trichophyton menta grophytes, Trichophyton equinum, Microsporum canis and Microsporum gypseum.

The concentrated Imaverol solution should be diluted by adding 1 part to 50 parts of warm water, to provide 2mg/ml emulsion (0.2% w/v).

Dermatophytes will extend into the hair follicles. Possible crusts must therefore be removed with a hard brush, which has been soaked in the diluted Imaverol emulsion.

It is highly recommended that the animal be sprayed entirely at the first treatment so as to reach the subclinical lesions as well.

Cattle. Depending on the nature of the lesions, cattle should be treated 3 to 4 times at 3-day intervals. The animals should either be washed with the diluted emulsion or the emulsion should be applied to them with a sprayer or high-pressure cleaning unit.

Horse. The lesions and surrounding skin should be washed with diluted emulsion 4 times, at 3-day intervals.

Dog. The animals should be washed with the diluted emulsion 4 times, at 3-day intervals. While doing this, one should rub thoroughly in the direction opposite to the hair growth to make sure that the skin is thoroughly wet. For the same reason, it is recommended that long-haired dogs be clipped before treatment. Alternative dogs may be dipped thoroughly in a bath containing the prepared emulsion.

It is important that you read the product datasheet before administering this product and that you use the product only as detailed within.

Legal Classification: POM-VPS

Please see link below for product datasheet:

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Name Imaverol Treatment of Dermatomycoses 100ml

SKU NVS-615973

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