Equitop Pronutrin Gastric Health Supplement for Horses 3.5kg

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A complex, top specification dietetic complementary daily feed specially blended to support gastric health. Equitop Pronutrin uniquely contains the patented Apolectol complex, which includes Pectin, Lecithin and Glycerol. Pectin is a natural molecule, derived from plant fibres which forms a gel and helps to support the normal healthy mucous of the stomach. Lecithin and Glycerol support the natural protective layers of the stomach. Equitop Pronutrin is a long-term alternative for support of gastric health.
A unique combination of pectin fibres, lecithin and glycerol called Apolectol
Supports the normal protective mechanisms within the equine stomach, through a unique
patented combination of ingredients
Is available in a pelleted formulation, which is easy to add to daily feeds
It has been tested free of doping relevant substances

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Name Equitop Pronutrin Gastric Health Supplement for Horses 3.5kg

SKU NVS-265330