Dew Superclean All Purpose Multi-Surface Cleaner 500ml - All Fragrances

Dew Superclean All Purpose Multi-Surface Cleaner 500ml - All Fragrances

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FAST ACTING: An all-purpose, multi-surface cleaner and degreaser for your home, car, and caravan. 99.995% effective at killing bacteria. It removes grease, oil, stains and cuts through grime. It's great for soft furnishings, carpet stain removal, and is excellent for removing traffic film and those pesky dead flies from your car windscreen.

SIMPLE TO USE: For easy cleaning, spray onto worktops, tiles, sinks, and paintwork, then wipe. Allow dissolving action (2–3 minutes) before gently scrubbing with a soft scourer on tougher stains. On carpets (do a patch test first and don’t over wet!) spray, then gently rub clean.

KINDER CLEANING: Award-winning and Allergy UK certified! No harmful chemicals or warning symbols, because we have created the world’s kindest cleaning products. Cruelty-free, because we never test on animals, vegan, pet and family-friendly. It's non-irritant, so no need for rubber gloves.

100% BIODEGRADABLE: An environmentally friendly product. A clear liquid cleaner and degreaser, powered by water, salt, and science (electrolysed water), its mineral-based formula is non-toxic and free from alcohol, parabens, dyes, and other harmful chemicals.

REFILLABLE: High-quality, durable plastic bottles that can be refilled time and time again. Refilling reduces plastic waste, lowers carbon footprint, and is ethical. Order 2.5-litre or 5-litre refills in recyclable containers and, if you order by subscription, you can save 15% on the cost.

MADE IN UK: Lovingly manufactured in Scotland, using minerals and science to create safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions that are kinder to the environment and don’t produce any nasty bi-products or waste. Water and salt are natural corrosives, so always wipe off metals and porous surfaces.

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Name Dew Superclean All Purpose Multi-Surface Cleaner 500ml - All Fragrances

SKU Dew-Superclean-Fragrance-Free-500ml