Ancol Extreme Blizzard Dog Coat Black

Ancol Extreme Blizzard Dog Coat Black

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Designed for wet weather conditions just like the Monsoon dog raincoat. However, the Blizzard dog coat goes one step further and includes four layers with the fourth being a micro-fleece layer making it the ultimate dog coat for cold blizzard weather, locking in the dogs body heat for longer than other coats.

Features 3-point adjustment for the perfect fit, it is skilfully tailored for an ergonomic fit and is adjustable at the girth, neck, and collar for a snug fit and added comfort. Reflective stitching on the girth strap and reflective piping down the length of the coat increases your dog visibility in low light for increased safety.

The coat has layers protecting your dog's body from water, brambles, and mud along with having a tough exterior to protect against coat tears and rips. It has been designed for a precise fit with tail opening, leg straps, under-body protection and a harness hole. The underbelly protection has been designed to keep such a sensitive area dry and away from potential scrapes and scratches.

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Name Ancol Extreme Blizzard Dog Coat Black