Veloxa Chew Worming Tablets Dog x 4 Tabs

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Veloxa Chewable Tablets are a broad-spectrum anthelmintic for treatment of mixed infections by roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms and whipworms in dogs and puppies. Veloxa is an easy-to-give, beef-flavoured chewable tablet containing; Febantel 150mg, Pyrantel 50mg (corresponding to Pyrantel Embonate 144mg) and Praziquantel 50mg.Veloxa Chewable Tablets are for oral administration only and can be given by hand as a treat or disguised in food. Due to a lipid-coating of praziquantel and added beef flavour, the chewable tablets are taken by most dog's voluntarily.Recommended Dosage and Administration:The recommended dose of Veloxa is 1 chewable tablet to be given orally per 10kg -bodyweight:2.5kg 15kg give 1.5 tablets15kg - 20kg give 2 tablets20kg - 25kg give 2.5 tablets25kg - 30kg give 3 tabletsFor dogs weighing more than 30kg the Veloxa XL range.

Legal Classification: NFA-VPS

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Name Veloxa Chew Worming Tablets Dog x 4 Tabs

SKU NVS-744918-x2

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