Protexin Professional Soluble Powder 50 x 5g

Protexin Professional Soluble Powder 50 x 5g

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Protexin Professional 5g Sachet is a highly concentrated soluble powder containing beneficial microorganisms. The beneficial microorganisms contained in this product occur naturally in the gut of all healthy animals. These microorganisms colonise the immature gut or re-establish the disrupted gut, thus promoting the mechanism of competitive exclusion against potential pathogenic bacteria.
Protexin Professional is formulated for continuous use to promote efficient digestion and to boost natural immunity, particularly at times of stress when digestive upsets occur. The product is presented in a 5g foil sealed sachet for versatile use in a variety of circumstances.
Dosage: Add 1g to the water or food daily
If added to water it should be consumed within 12 hours.

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Name Protexin Professional Soluble Powder 50 x 5g

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