Nutrobal Reptile & Bird Mineral Feed Supplements 100g

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Reptiles have many dietary requirements that can not always be met in a domestic environment. Thankfully you can purchase specific food for that animal or vitamin and mineral supplements or calcium supplements that can be easily added to their food or water. They come in power or liquid form. Powder can coat food and liquid can be added to water. Be sure to follow guidelines on all supplements and give appropriate amounts at the right times. Too much or too little may be harmful to your pet. When provided properly they optimise the health of your pet. If your pet eats live food (insects) be sure to gut load (feed) your insects so that they are more nutritious for your reptile.

For reptiles, birds and rabbits. Nutrobal can be added to food at a rate of 1 pinch (about 1/8 of a teaspoon) per Kilo of animal being supplemented. It is also suitable for dusting onto crickets and other live foods for insectivores.

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Name Nutrobal Reptile & Bird Mineral Feed Supplements 100g

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