King British Fish Weekend Feeders

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A complete pet food for all Coldwater and tropical fish. Fish can survive for relatively long periods of time on very little food, as they have to do in the wild from time to time. King British weekend feeders are the ideal way to provide as much nutrition as they require whilst you are away from home. Manufactured from the highest quality ingredients, The special formulation includes all the necessary protein, minerals and trace elements to Keep your fish healthy, active & colourful. The amount of food You give your fish is important. That said, do not overfeed the animal. You have probably heard this before and it is true. While overfeeding won't make your fish explode, it will contaminate the water, making the tank an unpleasant place to live. In addition, an excessive amount of food particles in the tank can clog the filters, which also causes the water to become toxic. Choose the right food for your fish and be sure to feed them once a day or very lightly twice a day. There are different types of food Available depending on the fish You have for example sinking food or floating food. You can also choose fish treats for something special from time to time.

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Name King British Fish Weekend Feeders

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