Feliway Friends Refill 48ml Pack Of 3

Feliway Friends Refill 48ml Pack Of 3

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Feliway Friends helps to reduce tension in homes of more than one cat. Cats may have evolved to be solitary but it is not uncommon to have several cats at once in our homes; unfortunately this can cause stress and lead to fights.
Feliway Friends is an odourless, synthetic copy of the cat appeasing pheromone (CAP) that is naturally produced by nursing felines. CAP helps cats feel safe and secure, and promotes a harmonious bond between them. Feliway Friends has been proven to reduce conflict between cats in multi-cat households whether it is due to new tensions or on-going fighting and aggression.
Feliway Friends is also useful for when a new cat or kitten is introduced to the home. Simply plug in the diffuser in the area where your pets spend most of their time, and see the difference for yourself! The diffuser will last around 30 days and will cover an area of 50 to 70 square meters. The diffuser should be checked and refilled every month, and replaced every 6 months ensure an optimum effect. In larger properties, you can use multiple diffusers.
Feliway is recommended by vets worldwide. It is non-sedative and non-systemic, so can be used safely alongside other types of medications.

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Name Feliway Friends Refill 48ml Pack Of 3

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