Eyesoothe Eye Drops 10ml - Dogs & Cats

Eyesoothe Eye Drops 10ml - Dogs & Cats

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Eye Soothe acts as a liquid contact lens and may be used in the alleviation of discomfort in the eye in cats and dogs.
The viscoelastic properties of the eye drops allow it to be compressed by the eyelids during blinking and to respread across the corneal surface again when the eyelids open.
A single drop of the Eyesoothe Eye Drops will remain on the ocular surface for many hours and may remain effective for 6-12 hours.
The drops help by:
Reducing tear evaporation
Reducing shearing forces exerted by eyelid movement
Reducing irritation from eyelid masses, hairs and external trauma
Protecting the ocular surface where there is excessive exposure

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Name Eyesoothe Eye Drops 10ml - Dogs & Cats

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