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Virbac Effipro Duo Cat x 4 Pipettes

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Product Details

EFFIPRO® DUO IS THE ONLY PPF AND FIPRONIL COMBINATION. EFFIPRO® DUO is used to treat flea infestations in cats and dogs, and protects against the multiplication of fleas in the environment. Protect your pets from fleas and ticks, and from perpetuating flea invasions, with EFFIPRO®DUO.

EFFIPRO® DUO, a combination of PPF (pyriproxyfen) and fipronil, eliminates fleas and ticks and provides 3 months of protection against the multiplication of fleas in the environment!

EFFIPRO® DUO eliminates fleas and ticks. It contains PPF, an insect growth inhibitor which sterilises fleas and prevents the development of immature stages. EFFIPRO® DUO prevents the emergence of new fleas in the environment close to your pet.

Fleas in the environment are a serious concern for pets and their owners. Perpetuating flea populations in the home environment increases the risk of exposure. Insect growth regulators (IGRs) like PPF interrupt the life cycle to prevent future flea populations.

High flea infestation rates are common:
Infestation rates of more than 70% have been reported in dogs and cats during the flea season
Flea infestations in cats continue to be a threat year-round
Re-infestation is common, particularly in cats. It has been shown that although a very high percentage of pet owners treat for fleas, 30% of cats were found to have flea issues when checked by their vet.

PPF targets the life cycle by:
Sterilising adult fleas and inhibiting the development of immature stages
Preventing contamination of the environment of treated animals with the immature stages of fleas
Using flea treatments that only treat adult fleas risks a treatment gap:
Only 5% of fleas are adults
95% of the flea population is composed of eggs and immature fleas living in the environment.
Adulticides alone are not enough.
Immature flea stages lead to flea multiplication in the environment.
Experts recommend a combination strategy of an adulticide with an IGR like PPF for a thorough preventive flea control program.

EFFIPRO® DUO has demonstrated efficacy against fleas eggs for 3 months in both dogs and cats.

EFFIPRO® DUO prevents development of flea eggs for 3 months in cats.

Legal Classification: NFA-VPS

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Additional Information

Name Virbac Effipro Duo Cat x 4 Pipettes

SKU NVS-355033

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