Avoca Caustic Pencils 40% With Cutaneous Stick

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Pencil-shaped DEVICE containing 40% Nitrate Silver
Product commonly used for the removal of leeks, warts, excess tissues that form during the wound healing process, granulation tissue, stoma maintenance, umbilical strains, cautery, anterior nosebleed, vasomotor rhinitis, post-biotic cervical necrosis, pain relief for aphthous stomatitis, parenteral feeding sites. Avoca works by destroying the tissue on the top layer of leeks and warts
USED in veterinary medicine as a causticant in case of bleeding of the nails of the legs. For the treatment of more difficult to reach areas such as the nose, ears and throat cavity, the use of flexible applicators 15 cm long is recommended. For some types of warts it will be necessary to cut away the hard callused surface to get to the underlying soft tissue
Active substance Silver Nitrate
FOLLOW the Instructions for use carefully

Additional Information

Name Avoca Caustic Pencils 40% With Cutaneous Stick

SKU NVS-898120-RED